Mustache March - JUST GROW IT.
may 6th
Well, it long enough, but we finally have a final tally of money raised for the MACC Fund during our Mustache March campaign. Drum roll, please...

$5,964! was raised by our mustache growers and during our chili cook-off where we took donations during the event. Thanks once again to everyone involved.
april 15th
Sorry for the silence lately, but we've been busy collecting and tallying pledge totals and cleaning up after our chili cook-off. In the meantime, be sure to check out the gallery today. We've had a bit of fun with photoshop around the office.
april 1st
Wow, what a turn-out! We had a great time last night at our mustache judging event and chili cook-off. A rough donation tally puts us well over $5,000 raised for the MACC fund. We thank everyone that had a part to play in this fundraiser - the gowers, chili chefs, organizers, our sponsors, clean-up crew, local media, the web community, and all of the attendees.

Please check out the winners gallery posted earlier today. Also, stay tuned for event photos and a final grand tally. Thanks again!
march 31st
Well, today is the day of the judging ceremony and chili cook-off. We're happy to report that we've already raised more that $4,000 for our charity. We expect to add to that toal during the event this afternoon. We've update the gallery with the final before & after photos. Be sure to check them out.
march 28th
Our server welcomes it's new MetaFilter and Cool Hunting overlords.
march 25th
We just received notice that Mustache March will be featured in a local news spot. TMJ4's Carole Meekins will be interviewing us today for her ongoing "Positively Milwaukee" news segement. Expected air date is March 31st during their 6PM news program.

Also, we've added another update to the gallery featuring some... interesting music, and added a few more links to the site.
march 21st
We've added some links to some event sponsors, and we've added more information about the chili cook-off as well.
march 14th
Just a reminder that tomorrow is the day. Participants are required to be sporting a mustache tomorrow according to the official rules. Please stay tuned for a large gallery update tomorrow as the primordial mustaches take form.

Also, there have been more updates in the gallery and links section of the site.
march 9th
We've added an event page to the site that provides additional details about the mustache juding ceremony and chili cook-off. Please watch this page as details of the event unfold. Also, on Monday we updated the gallery again. Things are getting pretty hairy in there. Get it, hairy?
march 3d
A look at the early progrees of a few contenders is now avaialable in the gallery. Thanks to Betty Blexrud-Strigens for providing the inspirational soundtrack to this gallery update.
march 1st
Mustache March is in effect! There is a roster of official participants in the gallery now, and there have been some additional links added to the site.
february 28th
Well, today is the international "soft-launch" for Mustache March. The web site is now live and the rules have been officially codified by the Follicle Freedom Foundation. Expect photo coverage of the launch in the gallery sometime tomorrow. Be sure to stop back for a photographic roster of all official participants.